Thank you for visiting my page, and I hope you will read my book.  I promise laughter, fresh fantasy, unique characters and inspiration beyond the familiar.  

When I'm not writing, I love cooking, kayaking and paddleboarding in Tampa, Florida with my husband and two very noble and magnificent Yorkies. 

​​​​​I love to write, because I love to read.  I love to meet new characters and share their lives in other times and places. Charlotte and Pippi were early favorites, and then came Charlie Bucket, the new Mrs. DeWinter, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Bilbo Baggins and Arthur Dent.  Growing up in middle Tennessee, I visited often at my grandparents' farm in the rural hills, where the flat, stony banks of their creek was an incubator for my imagination.  I thought up marvelous worlds and planned adventures floating down that creek on a raft, Huck style.  

My mother was an English teacher who talked about Catherine and Heathcliff, like they were members of the family, and read novels aloud on long, road trips.  She provided a never ending supply of books, from the classics to juicy British murders, and my father was a science fiction lover.  He introduced me to Ray Bradbury and took me to the observatory.  We looked through a big telescope, and there was a closeup of a creamy white moon and its shaded craters.  He planted my lifelong fascination with stars and the mysteries of the universe, while Mama nurtured the love of literature.    

I started writing stories when I was in the fourth grade and never stopped, secretly wondering if my dream of being an author would ever be possible.  A tiny voice inside me grew louder as I grew older: Pursue Your Dreams!  After graduate school (MBA) I completed writing courses, joined SCBWI, attended writing seminars and intensives, participated in critique groups and wrote continuously with a serious goal of being published.  I've now completed my first novel about a boy who takes on a huge challenge and breathtaking adventure when he discovers his dog has a secret identity.